Construction Inspections

Pre-Construction Condition Surveys and Inspections


The Pre-Construction Condition Survey, is a photographic and visual record of the status of each property noting any cosmetic and structural defects, and includes, detailed descriptions of the driveways, walkways, foundation walls, windows, roofs,  and other structural features.

Vibration Monitoring


We perform remote vibration monitoring and reporting to determine impact of construction activities on nearby structures. We summarize the procedure, locations, measurement data, discussion of results, and any exceedances of the specified vibration criterion. 

Construction Site Inspections and Contract Administration


We perform contract administration and site inspection to complete private and public projects. We focus on specifications, standards and safety to deliver a successful project on time and on budget from pre-construction, to end of maintenance period.

Noise Monitoring


We monitor noise sources from facilities' operations to determine the overall level of the noise from the facility. We perform Acoustical Assessment reports to document the amount of disturbance from the facility to the natural environment. This is a requirement under Ontario's Environmental Approval process for all facilities. 

Construction Site Safety Audits


We also perform safety audits to continually monitor, measure, review and document health & safety issues. A safety audit collates all such information, thus enabling the project supervisors to plan, organise and control existing and upcoming works in a safe and efficient manner.

Contract Deficiencies and Dispute Resolution


We review all contractor deficiencies and extra claims along with contract documents to resolve disputes between owners and contractors. We focus on executed contract documents, and hold meetings with parties to achieve best results for everyone, mediate, and avoid costly litigation. 

Project Final Audits


Our project audit provides an opportunity to uncover issues, concerns and challenges during the project. It provides valuable input to the project team to what went well and what needs to be improved both in the specifics of the works and in the forensic financial review of the project costs. 

Asset Management


Asset management is a systematic process of developing, operating, maintaining, upgrading, and disposing of assets in the most cost effective manner, including all costs, risks, performance, operations, utilities, and disposal aspects.

Facility Operational Audits


For our Municipal clients, we carry out operational audits on water and wastewater facilities. A systematic review of effectiveness, efficiency and economy of operation. A future-oriented, methodical, and independent evaluation of the organizational activities and efficiency.