Construction Management


Pre and Post-Construction Condition Surveys (PPCCS)

PPCCS are photographic and visual records of the status of each property noting its condition, and any potential defects, cracks and settlements, at the time of the survey. The PPCCS consists of a review of all properties adjacent to a site where construction activities are about to begin. The purpose of the survey is to visually identify all pre-existing signs of exterior and roof cosmetic and structural damage and any signs of structural settlement, before construction begins, and compare it to the condition after the project has been completed. PPCCS protects project against complaints and frivolous claims launched by the property owners.

Construction Vibration Monitoring

Vibrations can be a significant result of construction activities on any project, such as demolition, excavation, pile driving, shoring, backfilling, compaction, paving, and use of heavy equipment on site. Vibrations due to construction activities frequently cause complaints and can cause or exacerbate damage to adjacent structures. We monitor construction vibrations remotely to ensure that they are within the Contract Specifications and Municipal Standards.

Project Management

We help you carry out your simple or complex projects from project initiation and design to completion and throughout the end of the maintenance period. We build consensus for the project, resolve disputes, and manage your stakeholders. We help you by monitoring every step and making sure that your project is on time and on budget. We foresee issues, and work to resolve them before they can affect the project. We work on:

  • Project Initiations and Approvals
  • Project Planning and Coordination
  • Scope, Cost and Schedule
  • Procurements and Quality Control
  • Communications and Project Meetings
  • Managing Stakeholders and building consensus

Contract Administration and Inspections

We work for you to manage all aspects of your project:

  • Pre and Post-Construction Condition Surveys
    Site inspections
  • Monitoring/Auditing Contractor’s Quality Control Plan
  • Contractor Health and Safety
  • Verifying Construction Methods
  • Coordinate Material Testing
  • Deficiencies
  • Extra Claims and Credits
  • Daily Work Records, Diaries and Documentation
  • Material, Equipment, and Labour records

Dispute Resolution

We resolve contractual disputes between Owners and Contractors by reviewing the contract documents and finding ways to work together to achieve the best results for all stakeholders. We focus on achieving the best outcomes for everyone.